We are so glad you chose to visit this website.  It is our mission to provide as many educational resources as possible to teach youth athletes and their coaches, mentors and parents to properly understand heat related illnesses and how you can easily prevent them.

You will learn everything from how to keep your body hydrated, to the early warning signs of heat related illnesses and especially how to quickly treat a victim in order to prevent permanent and potentially irreversible damage.

And more importantly, know how to be prepared to treat exhertional heat illness by watching this very informative video from the Korey Stringer Institute.  Educate Yourself

What can you do?

Did you know that 100% of heat related illnesses are preventable?  With proper hydration and applying other simple changes to your athletic play, you can assure your safety on the field.


Number of preventable cases

Dehydration is…
a harmful reduction in the amount of water in the body that must be immediately rectified to prevent injury or death.

Athletes should begin hydrating their bodies the day before any sport activities.  Drinking the day of and during the activity is not enough!

How do you know if you are dehydrated?

You should be monitoring your water intake throughout the day to make sure you are drinking enough.  You can measure hydration levels by observing the color of your urine.  Click the chart to the right to get an idea of how much water you should drink to get your body back on track.

A normal color is typically a light or pale straw or light yellow color.  Keep in mind these are only guidelines and you should also consult your athletic trainer and doctor to discuss proper hydration techniques.

Check out this source for tips on defeating hydration: http://www.nays.org/sklive/for-parents/defeating-dehydration/

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