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Buffalo Bills do something special!

Jim and Claudine Polsenberg were invited to the Buffalo Bills Training Camp this year because they knew what big fans both Jim and Zach were.  Once they arrived they were taken to behind the scenes where not only a press conference was taking place, but shortly after...

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Two Families Unite

It happened in Florida on June 29, 2017.  It happened in Maryland on May 29, 2018.  Zach Martin Polsenberg was 16 years old and Jordan Martin McNair was 19 years old.  Both loved football and were working hard to play in the NFL. 

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Partnerships Make A Difference

The more people we can reach and the more we can educate them, the more lives we can save. It’s that simple. One way we’re doing this is by partnering with Unilever to promote the awareness and education of heat illness through social media channels. Unilever is also...

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Successful Outcome

At the April FHSAA Board of Directors meeting, we talked about education of EHI and were able to get the board to vote on this issue. The FHSAA has mandated education on EHI starting in July all coaches and athletes are mandated to watch a video now. Our goal is to...

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