Please help us build our program to educate sport coaches, trainers and all athletes across the nation. More importantly, help us provide them with the proper cooling equipment to prevent and treat heat illnesses.

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This charity was founded because Zach was a kind, “Gentle Giant” and should not be forgotten. The Heat Stroke that caused Zach’s death was 100% preventable and we do not want this happening to another family.

Our goal is to go to schools, sports programs and communities throughout Florida and the Nation to educate not only staff members, but also the players about heat induced illnesses. We will be providing sports programs guidelines of the proper cooling equipment to have on the field at all times.

Keep in mind that even though this is more directly related to sports, it truly can affect anyone. Seniors going for a hike and not being hydrated or listening to the body sign or a cook in a restaurant that is around all the heat from the stoves and oven. Everyone needs to be educated!

James Polsenberg and his wife, Claudine, are committed to this charity to ensure no other family goes through such heartbreak as the loss of a child.

About the Founders

Claudine Polsenberg


Claudine Polsenberg lives in Palm Coast, Florida with her family and is a loving mother to her two children; Devon, 17 years old, and Jocelyn, 15 years old. Claudine has worked in the marketing and financial field for the past 10 years where she has gained vast knowledge of how to effectively market businesses and services in most industry. Claudine is a very caring person and truly loves to help others. Most recently she has become a Local Coordinator for Interchangeable Cultural Exchange Services to find host families for exchange students. She also has worked with Make-A-Wish as a Wish Granter. She truly wants to try to make a difference in this big world.

James Polsenberg


James Polsenberg is a devoted father to his remaining son, Cody, 20 years old and step children Devon and Jocelyn Pletcher. He is always involved in the kids’ lives going to Zach’s football practices, visiting Cody in Canada and watching Jocelyn’s equestrian lessons. Jim has worked in the sales and logistics industry for over 15 years and works very hard to ensure his family is taken care. He is a traditional family man with an old school, biblical parenting style, but most importantly he provides guidance to the children on how to be a better person.

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