In the ongoing fight to prevent heat stroke and heat-related illnesses, we have made some progress. But overcoming inertia is a never-ending battle.

Currently, we are working to create a mandate for high schools in Florida to have a cold-water immersion tub (CWI) and use a Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer. We’ve given speeches to the Florida High School Athletic Association which regulates the sports program at high schools to change policy from recommending to mandating this significant change.

However, in June the FHSAA voted to not change the verbiage. The Association stated they do not have the legal authority to mandate the purchase of the tubs and are concerned about the enforcement and liability. Rest assured, we will continue to fight this fight with the FHSAA.

In fact, we have reached out to several Florida state senators to help make needed changes. And we are making some headway in getting this issue into public discussion.

In August, we are scheduled to meet with State Senator (first name) Hutson to discuss Zach’s Law and mandating cooling tubs at all practices and games. Additionally, State Senator (first name) Passidomo is setting up meeting in August with the FHSAA to discuss the policy in hopes to make a change

We know education is a key factor to making these kind of straightforward preventive measures a reality. School coaches and administrators need to know when and how to use the tubs and make sure they are in close proximity to athletes at all times.

Our goal is to get these changes passed and implemented in Florida and then work on making these changes on a national level.