Exertional Heat Illness is serious and we need to take action!

The message is spreading and we will make a difference.

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We are on a journey to educate the world on heat related illness and prevention. By teaming up with Zach Polsenberg’s Heat Severity Charity, you can be a part of something great and help to save lives.

We started this charity because we suffered a loss no parent should ever have to endure. We lost Zach to heatstroke last year, an illness that’s 100% preventable, as long as parents, coaches and players know what to do and what not to do. Please read our story and help us make sure it’s not written for another child ever again.

Join us in our effort to educate others on heat-related illness and prevention. You can be a part of Zach Polsenberg’s Heat Severity Charity and help make an immediate difference, save lives and put an end to this needless heartbreak.

We welcome cooperation with other philanthropic, medical or sports organizations that seek to protect young athletes from all heat related illnesses.

Lets make positive changes to protect our kids.

Mandating Tubs and WBGT

In the ongoing fight to prevent heat stroke and heat-related illnesses, we have made some progress. But overcoming inertia is a never-ending battle. Currently, we are working to create a mandate for high schools in Florida to have a cold-water immersion tub (CWI) and use a Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer. We’ve given speeches to the Florida High School Athletic Association which regulates the sports program at high schools to change policy from recommending to mandating these.

The Legislative Way

In August, we meet with State Senator Travis Hutson to discuss what we are calling “Zach’s Law” which would mandate the use of WBGTs and cold water immersion tubs at all practices, Additionally, State Senator Kathleen Passidomo has met with the FHSAA to discuss the making CWI Tubs mandated. The first step is finding out what schools have tubs and which schools don’t. This will be a long process, but we know that we will succeed.

Successes – One step at time

Education is the key factor in saving lives.  In our learning process, it was noticed that their a big gap of knowledge on Heat Illness in sports.  Primarily with the parents and student athletes.  At the April FHSAA Board of Directors meeting, we had the opportunity to Waddress the Board of Directors with all of our concerns. We stressed the importance of education and treatment of EHI. The BOD listened to us, other speakers and the recommendations of the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and they voted to mandate that all coaches and athletes watch a video on heat illnesses.

We are excited to announce the charity is currently working on an education presentation that will be utilized when meeting with schools, athletic trainers, parents and other organizations.  We will be educating as many people as we can to ensure that people are aware of the seriousness of, the signs and treatments for EHI.

Partnerships Make A Difference

The more people we can reach and the more we can educate them, the more lives we can save. It’s that simple. One way we’re doing this is by partnering with several well known organizations to promote the awareness and education of heat illness through social media channels. Throughout these pages and social media, you will see the accomplishments we have been able to achieve through these partnerships.

Recently our charity had the pleasure of meeting up with Marty McNair, the father of 19 year old Jordan McNair who passed away this year from heat stroke at the University of Maryland.  Jordan and Zach’s stories are all too similar and we have partnered with The Jordan McNair Foundation.  We will be working together to make a change and ensure young athletes are safer on the field.

Thanks to Degree Men, My Cool Air and The Jordan McNair Foundation to name just a few.

With temperatures rising, be cautious.


James & Claudine Polsenberg

“We never thought we would be in a position to have to take on a challenge like this.”

We are making it our mission because we do not want another parent to lose their child and endure the needless pain we will live with for the rest of our lives. One thing we’re sure of is that Zach is cheering us on to make this change because that is what he would have wanted.


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